Real Hipsters Wear Fur
Objectivist Hipster

This from the film The Fountainhead, and let’s just say I agree with some parts of objectivism, and disagree with others.

Anyway, this is two parts. First is combining actual things Ayn Rand said with hipster comments. The second is just having fun with Patricia Neal against the building model.

Panicking Becall

I’ll be posting here a lot less frequently. It started turning into just trying to make a meme, which of course you can’t do. So I’ll just post when I see something that really should be a meme, and this shot certainly fits.

This is from the film Designing Woman, which I discuss a bit more here, including why she makes this face.

For honestly happy posts.

Think of this as a family friendly version of an “I CAME” pic.

Also, sorry for the gap. This will be updated very rarely now, as I’d like to mainly work on my own original stuff. So while these are fun, these aren’t really something I can call my own.

Why hipsters don’t try anything once.


How to tell a noob (04)


Note how it holds her… dress.


Well she did have a high fever in that episode.


You got me a present?


For any awkward situations.


It would be the best of ’80s soaps and ’80s crime shows.


I find a woman being awesome can also be hot.


And she’s slouching on her chair, a classic villain pose


Old customs no one still follows


How to tell a noob (03)


Real farmers wear overalls under their fur wraps.

Picture comes from one of those knockoff films.